An entirely new system

We can all agree that the current financial system is not working to aid humanity.

The financial system is one of the largest control mechanisms of the cabal. The central banks are controlled by Rothschild, Rockefeller & co. Through the control of the banking system, you basically control the entire world. If you control money, you control everything in our current society.

As money can be created out of thin air and any amounts of it printed at a moment´s notice, there has to be a catch. Only about 3% of the world´s money is in physical form. Everything else are numbers on a screen. This is nothing tangible and is not based upon a stable backing, such as gold, to tie its value to.

The system of loans and interest is an expansion of this control mechanism. With increasing interest and loans that can not be paid back, humanity always remained a slave to money as this system was created to keep us poor.

Furthermore, all the central banks control nearly all the wealth in the world. The Vatican Bank had something of wealth amassed in the trillions. This wealth is more than enough to solve all the problems in the world. But, yeah we know why that was never done…

Going towards the new age, we need a new financial system. A system that is made to last. A system that ensures prosperity and abundance for all. Many projects in this regard have already been started. A gold-backed currency will definitely come about for a while, until the Quantum Financial System is established by the light forces.

Abundance for all will be a commonplace thing.

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