Healing the Collective through Healing Yourself

We are committed to healing each other, our society, and our planet, using the personal as well as the combined healing energy of our group. Integrating knowledge and skill to feel the energy and having the ability to direct it in a beneficial way is not limited to one venue. Whatever the healing modality, our efforts to work together are diverse and address the whole of our experiences. We are committed to using these abilities to focus our worldwide group on healing the planet, society, and our bodies, minds, and spirits. Healing is the gift that gives, and we open the doors to the entire planet, its flora, fauna, human societies, and individuals to receive and be healed. We are here to provide for all in need of healing.

Nobody plans how their awakening process happens, and when it comes, most of us know even less about how to deal with it, or even what it is.  Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, careers, and everything we thought was our life can be suddenly in question.  The ego mind has a hard time dealing with these traumatic realizations. Hence the need for compassionate understanding and healing

Our group provides knowledge and direction for those who need healing of Body, Mind or Spirit as The Event unfolds and will assist those who seek viable therapies. Our primary focus will be education, empowerment, and training.Our hope is to have healing facilities available in every city to offer multiple modalities not often available in current medical practices. These could include Rife frequency healing, Reiki, essential oils, and other homeopathic remedies. This will also include counselling centres for dealing with emotional/spiritual trauma.

Funding Considerations РWe foresee a great need for healing services and/or support groups with each passing day, and our pool of volunteers and staff will likely grow to hundreds if not thousands of people. Although we initially do not envision that those offering healing services and modalities would receive fees for their service, there may be a need to pay salaries for specific and special healers, and methods used.  A staff will be required to manage the various services, communications, training, coordination, and scheduling required in maintaining this multi-faceted project. Advertisement and marketing staff would also be required.

There willbe the need to purchase both traditional and modern healing devices, equipment and tools which will be used for the various treatment modalities.  As newer technologies such as tachyon chambers and med-beds are released, devices like these will also be necessary to offer to those with chronic illness and traumatic injuries.  We should consider providing a website store that would stock essential oils, herbs, ointments, supplements, and other healing products. This would of course be provided as a profit-based program.