Contributing to and Maintaining the Prepare for Change Network

The Media Group consists of volunteers who produce and publicize original content for Prepare for Change.  Through research and collecting of information the Media Group counters the false information provided by mainstream networks and we seek to inform and awaken the public with real history, how it has affected society, and how these revelations will lead to “The Event”. 

Through collaborative efforts, we conduct interviews, produce videos, create documentaries, (a docu-series on hidden history called “Planned Chaos”),  and write articles that help create a shift in consciousness.  We speak with intel insiders, survivors of ritual abuse, reveal crimes against humanity, discuss geopolitics, exopolitics, occulted information, financial revelations, hidden technologies, alternative healing modalities, and other issues related to the “Great Awakening” and the change that is coming.

The goal of the media Group is to be able to create original content, collate and license content that will continue educating, and help in healing traumas of the larger population when the breadth and depth of the many crimes against humanity become revealed. As an independently supported group the goal would be to create satellites of production facilities and fully staffed content creation groups around the world.

Another aspect of the media group’s future plans are to work in marketing and PR that will support the humanitarian projects and products created through our many networks and service-to-others collaborations.