New Age Thinking

The only truth which exists is your own.

Only when you decide to know that something is the truth, will this become part of your paradigm. Anything else that might be an incredible lie or an absolute truth has yet to be determined by you.

That is why we ask for you to only take from our offered guidance what you are in resonance with.

Guides of Truth

In order to build the new beautiful system we so desire, we need to get our thinking out of the old paradigm. The awakening process is brought about by the inflow of information from outside sources as well as inner guidance. The tricky part is determining what the truth really is. The deception within all systems of this earth runs deep.

To help with your seeking of truth, we at “Prepare for Change” offer this wiki of Thought Leaders.

We have collected some of the brightest minds and most loving hearts to aid you in your awakening process.

These thought leaders want to help us achieve sovereignty in thought. They have dedicated themselves to showing humanity what is really going on behind the scenes. Through incredibly extensive research and a pure wish to help the awakening process, are they leading the charge into a new thought paradigm. Uncovering what has always been known to wake up the masses.