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    Brian Scott

    This YouTube channel has incredible guided meditations, a vast amount of videos on Channelings, ancient teachings and many other videos of information from various books of spiritual teachers. Brian Scott has incredibly vast knowledge of spiritual practices and even incorporates neuro-linguistic programming into his meditations to create a full spectrum experience of mind and body. He has read vast amounts of information on the nature of the universe coming from sources such as the “Ra-Contact” and many other Channelings such as Q´uo. He has many videos on transforming your reality and creates many guided meditations which have changed our lives. What you cultivate within, will show on the external. If…

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    2012Portal Blogspot

    The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light The most critical information available to the surface population on the activities of the light forces is all contained in this blog. Regular updates of missions, meditations and critical information is contained in this blog. Reading these posts will create a full, clear picture of the liberation process of the planet.

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    FM 144 Blogspot

    Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew This is an incredible blog with many posts describing the planetary situation in great detail. If you read through all these posts you will have an exact understanding of what is happening on the basis of the universal chess game between light and dark. This blog is a great guide for understanding the happenings in our physical world as a reflection of what occurs in the higher dimensions.