Event Support & Leadership

The Event Support Group’s main aim is to get as many volunteering lightworkers as possible prepared to assist in their local communities during the turbulent times that are to come. At these moments of truth every PFC Volunteer will be counted on to play their part on a local level. People need to be reassured, instructed and guided as they will have many questions.

This is done through two ways, firstly the ESG is concerned with recruiting as many lightworkers as possible and get them involved in the volunteering network of PFC. They focus on vetting the right people and developing processes and tools to distribute information and take action effectively. By focussing on the change through our projects and bringing big groups of lightworkers together in our global meetings we rapidly speedup the timeline of The Event.
 Parallel to the project-work and gatherings, the necessary processes and tools are developed to get all the volunteers prepared to play their part on a local level. All the recruited PFC volunteers need be organised and briefed to let things happen as orderly as possible. The ESG will develop protocol’s for lightworkers to follow and informational assets to spread amongst leaders in the local communities. This is done through nurturing and keeping track of the inter-dependencies between the different PFC Groups. For example: Media for documentation/consistency in message/information, Healing for dealing with the massive trauma that will be present, SOTR for guidance and energetic clarity, Renaissance for peaceful support through creative arts and music. Technology for assisting/teaching with the new devices and products, Financial for providing potential funds as well as understanding the new system.In this manner the ESG is harbouring that the entire PFC network is becoming a large collective consciousness that’s operating on a high synergistic level, directed towards the manifesting this New Earth.