Prepare for Change Network

The Prepare for Change Network is built with the ideals of new earth in mind. A decentralized, autonomous network of lightworkers and warriors creating and propagating projects globally.

This is a means of connecting all of us which want to aid in the planetary ascension and returning humanity to its natural state of joy and love.

Connect with Group Coordinators

To connect with group coordinators you need to first create an account at “Become a Member”. This account will help us to determine where you can help best, geographically and skill wise.

Our team will take you through a process of explaining our work flow and the creation and propagation of projects. For more information on the workflow of project creation and management please refer to the “How to get Connected” page. Once we have gone through this process and you feel ready to engage with a project you can connect with group coordinators. Their contact information is available on this page in “Prepare for Change Network” under “Contact Group Coordinators”. Group coordinators are key players needed to coordinate and connect different projects within a theme. These are the people you contact if you want to create a new project or to join one.