Sisterhood of the Rose

The main purpose of Sisterhood of the Rose (SOTR) groups is to anchor Goddess Energy onto the planet. Re-establishing the presence of the Goddess allows her healing energies of love, peace, cooperation, kindness, joy, abundance and sharing to flourish in our communities and personal lives. We are now entering a time where there is an awakening of the divine feminine and of our heart energies in both men and women, and one of the ways this is being reawakened is through SOTR groups worldwide, both in local physical meetings and in online gatherings.

A prime way SOTR groups anchor Goddess Energy is through two core meditations. The Goddess Vortex meditation is the ultimate technology of the Light forces, as it creates a network of Light which transmutes all darkness on the astral and etheric planes. It also attracts to us our soul mates and soul families. For too long, heart felt qualities such as love, grace and compassion have been considered weak and not serving us. The Return of the Goddess meditation focuses on returning and activating the divine feminine within us. This clears mind control programming and allows us to be receptive to divine knowledge and intuition from within. To be in balance, the divine masculine (or the Hero) also needs to be activated. The Return of the Goddess meditation visualises the healing of humanity, with men and women living together in unity, love and harmony in a wonderful new Earth. This is what SOTR groups look to manifest.

Funding will first be used to continue development on the networking site used to physically connect high vibration people together to form SOTR groups, networks and soul family groups and communities by location, and also various support groups by online web conference. Next, funding will be offered to each soul family group and community for purposes of land purchase, cottage industry and construction materials a community may need, and hired help as necessary. Structures will include private housing, community halls and libraries, schools, healing centres, guest accommodations and Goddess Temples.