Technology Group – To inspire and ultimately lift the lives of humanity through the use of open-source technologies, both simple and advanced. The past 100 years has seen an explosion in the standard of living and the capabilities of the average human thanks to modern technology. Yet there is a massive inequality of the application of this technology across the planet and many of our brothers and sisters live in poverty due to this restricted access to energy, education and technology. Furthermore, there is over 6000 patents that are held tightly under lock and key, many of which are entirely disruptive game changers such as zero-point energy devices, electrogravitics, advanced material sciences and medical advancements far beyond our current capabilities.

Until the time of ‘The Event’ whereby devices such as medical beds, replicators, free energy devices and more can finally be released.  The technology group will pursue a course of collaboration and education to offer freely available access to already open-source technologies from sustainable development to advanced agriculture. Educating the public on its implementation and utilisation for the betterment of humanity whilst remaining in harmony with planet earth.

Together we are stronger and more capable, our collective intelligence shouldn’t be locked away in corporations which use and abuse technology against us and continually destroy ecosystems for profit.

In the future we would like to open dedicated open-source research and development centres with a focus on improving humanity and the environment in an ecologically friendly way. Advancing society technologically shouldn’t come at the cost of spiritual development as is the currently trajectory. The creation of a centralised open repository of information and education programs designed to teach the underprivileged among us the ability to improve their own community’s standard of living.