The Vision

This network will be built in the image of the new earth system. A new system based on love, compassion and trust. It can be seen as a pioneer project, connecting lightworkers across the globe to aid humanity in the ascension process. This network will be the example of a self-managing, collaborative network where the values and strengths of each member is valued.

The projects that are going to be executed through this network, will all contribute in some way, shape, or form to the rebuilding and ascension of humanity in this dawning new age. This will be done through self-managing fractals, which are executing projects spread over the entire globe. Each fractal will be a small representation of the bigger whole. Having complete autonomy in how they run their projects, but adhering to the original vision and general principles that are set in stone.

This network will embrace a new way of organizing itself with a distributed authority. A few companies and organisations have already implemented this concept; self-managing organisations, network organisations, living organisations, Teal organisations etc. Thought leaders like Frederic Laloux, Eckhart Wintzen and Peter Koening have paved the way in presenting this new type of organisation. I will reference Frederic Laloux’ wonderful and very popular book “Re-inventing Organizations” to explain this new kind, which he refers to as Teal organisations.

“… almost everyone today feels that something is broken in our organizations. We can all tell sad stories of how management, as we practice it today, drains life and energy out of the workplace: organizations where bureaucracy has taken over; workplaces fraught with ego trips and power games, infighting, and silos; organizations where people at the top make decisions that leave people below scratching their heads in bewilderment, if not outright frustration …

A great number among us yearn for something more and resonate with the hopeful message that a better way to run businesses and nonprofits, schools and hospitals is emerging.”

Frederic, and the founders of Teal organization, uses the metaphor of living systems for such new organizations.

“Life, in all its evolutionary wisdom, manages ecosystems of unfathomable beauty, ever-evolving toward more wholeness, complexity, and consciousness. Change in nature happens everywhere, all the time, in a self-organizing urge that comes from every cell and every organism, with no need for central command and control.”

Teal organizations come with three breakthroughs that fundamentally challenge management as we know it:

Teal organizations have found the key to upgrading their structures from hierarchical, bureaucratic pyramids to powerful and fluid systems of distributed authority and collective intelligence.

Organizations have always been places that encourage people to show up with a narrow “professional” self. Teal organizations have developed a consistent set of practices that invite us to drop the mask, reclaim our inner wholeness, and bring all of who we are to work.

Evolutionary purpose
Teal organizations are seen as having a life and a sense of direction of their own. Instead of trying to predict and control the future, members of the organization are invited to listen and understand what the organization is drawn to become, where it naturally wants to go.

A few organizations like this exist already, but it has never been attempted on a global scale. This means we’re in for a heck of a challenge, but this is truly the way forward for the future of our systems. High-tech developments based on blockchain technology called Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s in short) utilize this vision for a wholesome approach to organizing human efforts in the future. Our vision is to eventually run the PFC Network on a DAO basis.

Since this blockchain technology is quite complex and still not fully developed, we are starting with a collection of more accessible open-source software we have carefully selected. Making sure that our information is safeguarded securely, free of charge, easy to use, and convenient for remote and asynchronous work all over the globe.

The aim of this collaborative network is also to show how technology and spirituality can be combined in an empowering way. It brings together the organisational aspect in the physical world as well as the metaphysical aspect of using our collective manifesting power to envision the most positive ascension timeline. We will be experimenting with supportive spiritual practices, such as intention setting meditations before going into meetings and working-sessions with each other. Experimenting with achieving group flow and working together with these higher powers to bring our projects into a divine manifestation. Sharing our experiences and helping each other along in this exciting adventure we’re going to embark on with each other.